Adventure Canoeing

2 hour, 1/2 day, in the scenic Warrandyte and Wonga Park area.
Enjoy paddling down gentle rapids, spotting the local Koalas and enjoying the tranquility of the Yarra River and Warrandyte State Park.

These trips operate between October and May but can be taylored outside these times weather dependant. Standard: Easy sections & Easy to Moderate sections. We will provide the following equipment:
• Canoes, paddles, PFD’s and helmets.
• Instruction pre trip for self guided and on river for guided trips.
• Barrels to assist in keeping food, towel or extra clothes dry.
• Complementary transport service from the pull out point back to your car.


Self Guided Trips

Yarra River, Warrandyte
Ideal period for these trips is Between October and May
We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a self guided canoe trip on the
Yarra river travelling at your own pace.
All costs are based on a per person rate.

Children / Adult

• Up to 2 hours $50-$60

• 1/2 Day 2 to 4 hours $70-$80


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